Meadow Farm 80*10*10 RAW Variety Mince 30 Pack

Meadow Farm 80*10*10 RAW Variety Mince 30 Pack

30 rolls of Meadow Farm 80*10*10* raw complete minces, each mince is in a 454g roll and will be delivered in insulated packaging. With single source proteins and mixed protein minces available all freshly prepared and are made with 100% fresh human grade ingredients.


Our raw foods contain 80% muscle meat, 10% edible bone & 10% offal, all our raw foods are DEFRA approved.


For adult dogs we recommend feeding;

  • 2% for moderately active dogs
  • 2.5% for average dogs
  • 3% for active dogs

For puppy's we recommend feeding;

  • 2-4 months 8%-10%
  • 4-6 months 6%-8%
  • 6-8 months 4%-6%
  • 8-12 months 2%-4%

When feeding your dog, you should always consider your dog’s activity and adjust feeding accordingly.


Dog's need essential nutrients for optimal health these nutrients are protein, fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins, water-soluble vitamins, microminerals and microminerals. To ensure you achieve these essential nutrients you should have a rotation of meats.

    Meat one, 5 x 454g Chubs
    Meat two, 5 x 454g Chubs
    Meat Three, 5 x 454g Chubs
    Meat Four, 5 x 454g Chubs
    Meat Five, 5 x 454g Chubs
    Meat Six, 5 x 454g Chubs

    Our flat rate postage costs are just £3.99 to mainland UK and Northern Ireland, We aim to dispatch all orders within 2-3 working days*

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