Advent Calendar for Dogs (Winter Wonderland) - Fresco

Advent Calendar for Dogs (Winter Wonderland) - Fresco

Dog lovers, rejoice!

We are happy to announce the return of the Fresco Dog Advent Calendar for 2021. Give the gift of a new Holiday tradition to your dog. Why wait for Christmas Day to celebrate? Our Advent Calendar for Dogs provides your furry friend with daily treats! Just pop open a door each day to give your pooch a tasty reward.

Our Advent Calendar for dogs is a creative way for you and your dog to countdown to the most wonderful time of the year. The calendar has a treat slot for every day from December 1st up to Christmas Eve. (With a special, extra-large treat behind the last door)

The Fresco Dog Advent Calendar is 53 x 41cm in size, chances are it’s bigger than your dog!


55 irresistible Fresco goodies await:

  • Duck Fillet (1x)
  • Chicken Hamburger (8x)
  • Chicken Drops (8x)
  • Duck Drops (10x)
  • Chicken Fillet (2x)
  • Turkey Drops (8x)
  • Turkey Stars (15x)
  • Duck Hamburger (2x)
  • Beef Pizzle Chew Stick (1x)



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