Cod Liver Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats
- 200 capsules - Dorwest Herbs

Cod Liver Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats - 200 capsules - Dorwest Herbs

A natural source of omega 3, and vitamin A and D for healthy jointsFish oils are a great source of omega 3 fatty acids-good fats which play amajor role in keeping your pet healthy. They are important for skin and coatcondition, heart health and maintaining mobile and supple joints, makingthese slow release capsules ideal for active or working dogs. Especiallyformulated to avoid that fishy aftertaste, the capsules are also high invitamin A and vitamin D, required for strong bones and the absorption ofcalcium.Why use cod liver oil as a source of omega 3 for dogs and cats?Omega 3 is considered the most beneficial of the omega polyunsaturatedfats and has three different natural forms–ALA, EPA and DHA. EPA and DHAare the most active and are only found in marine sources of omega 3. ‘Fishoil’ products contain omega 3 but cod liver oil has the additional benefit ofnaturally occurring high levels of vitamins A & D. Dogs rely much moreheavily on their diet as a source of vitamin D than people, who can synthesisthe vitamin in their skin when exposed to UV radiation from thesun.When should I use cod liver oil?Omega 3 is the hardest of the omegas to get from diet alone and vitamin D isalso hard to find in most natural ingredients. This makes Dorwest Cod LiverOil Capsules suitable for everyday use–especially for dogs that are alwayson the go.With the cold weather putting particular strain on joints, cod liver oil isparticularly beneficial in winter when your pet may benefit from an extraboost.