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Elderberry & Nettle Extract For Dogs And Cats - Dorwest Herbs

  • Combat pigment loss naturally with this highly concentrated liquid rich iniodine and ironHave you noticed your pet's nose starting to turn pink? This is often the mostobvious site of pigment loss. Our Elderberry & Nettle Extract supplementuses highly concentrated, full strength liquid extracts which are naturally richin iodine and iron, both known to help combat pigment loss. Add to yourpet's food for as long as required.What causes pigmentation loss?A loss of pigmentation may occur on the nose, eyesand mouth during thewinter months (‘winter nose’), following illness or in old age, and also inbitches following a season or pregnancy. It is often of particular concern inshow dogs and affects some breeds more than others, being particularlynoticeable in white breeds with black noses. The fading is generallyconsidered to be caused by a deficiency of minerals, particularly iodine andiron. There are no certain ways to overcome pigmentation loss but generallyspeaking if there has been good pigmentation in the past, then it usually canbe restored using specialised supplements.How does Elderberry & Nettle Extract help and how should I use it?Our Elderberry & Nettle Extract is specifically formulated to assist withpigmentation loss, as it has high natural levels of both iodine and iron. Youcan add it to your pet’s feed daily and it can be given at any time of year,with any feeding regime, without affecting the dietary balance. Although

  • using our Elderberry and Nettle Extract provides one of the fastest routes toregaining pigmentation, it will still take around six weeks of daily use to seean improvement as part of the skin's renewal process. Many pet ownersthen use our Kelp Seaweed Powder or Tablets to maintain pigment.