Evening Primrose Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats
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Evening Primrose Oil Capsules For Dogs And Cats - Dorwest Herbs

Natural support for your pet’s skin and hormonal balanceOur Evening Primrose Oil Capsules help your pet look likea showstopper.With the highest available levels of the omega 6 fatty acid, gamma linolenicacid (GLA), this supplement helps to enhance skin and coat condition for theglossiest locks around. Omega fatty acids are known to influence skinrenewal, scurfiness, dryness and coat shine, so this supplement isparticularly beneficial for show dogs, long haired breeds or aftermoulting/other hair loss. Our capsules can also help to maintain a normalhormonal balance so are useful for bitches after a season.Howdo I help my pet with dry skin?Dry, flaky and scurfy skin can make your pet itchy and can get worse atcertain times of the year. There can be multiple causes including a defectivemoisture barrier, that when functioning normally helps to retain moistureinthe skin, dehydration or allergies. Feeding your pet a moist diet andensuring they always have access to water, together with regular groomingcan help, but it can also be beneficial to supplement your pet with EssentialFatty Acids (EFAs) to promoteskin and coat condition. Our EveningPrimrose Oil Tablets contain the highest available levels of the omega 6fatty acid, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) which helps maintain skin renewaland moisture retention while supporting a healthy, shiny coat.What arethe other uses for evening primrose oil?Evening primrose is also well-known for its ability to help maintain a normalhormonal balance, which can otherwise affect behaviour and coat quality.We recommend giving it to all bitchesafter a season to help restorehormonal balance.Should I use Dorwest Evening Primrose Oil Capsules or Liquid?Both products contain 10% GLA but the liquid allows for the correct amountto be given to smaller pets. Our Evening Primrose Oil capsules provides aneasy way to give this supplement daily to most pets.