Fresco Mini Meat Training Drops & Bones 150g

Fresco Mini Meat Training Drops & Bones 150g

FRESCO Mini Meat Training Bones are simply mini bone-shaped pieces of 100% Real Meat, making this the perfect reward for your dog. We finely mince fresh meat, shape into handy mini bone shapes, add a touch of natural vegetable glycerin to keep them semi-moist and finally air dry to perfection. The end result is the ultimate dog training treat which boasts both single protein ingredients, without the use of any nasty ingredients.

Training Tip: Due to their small perfectly uniformed size, our Mini Training Bones work great as a reward during a scavenger hunt in the garden or around the home. Place a few pieces around separate locations and let your dog "sniff them out" & "hunt them down" just like they would in the wild.

Mini Beef Training Bones Benefits:

  • Raw feeding friendly
  • Ziplock bag to keep them fresh
  • Single Beef Protein
  • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
  • Perfect for training days and walks
  • No added Synthetics or Preservatives

We offer our Mini Beef Training Bones in 1 pack size:

  • 150g