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Garlic Tablets For Dogs And Cats - Dorwest Herbs

Keep your pet at theirbest using the renowned, all-round health benefitsof garlic, with our easy-to-give Garlic TabletsGarlic has been recognised for its beneficial health properties for millenniaand is still being investigated today to further quantify its health-givingabilities. Garlic contains active compounds that are proven to help the bodyremain strong against disease, so it is brilliant for supporting overall health,but particularly the respiratory and circulatory systems. It is also thought tohelp maintain thebody's defences against parasites and infectious agents,such as viruses and bacteria.Why Dorwest Garlic Tablets?Garlic is full of natural active compounds, proven to have health benefitsacross the body, as well as amino acids that are essential for growth andrepair.Our Garlic Tablets pack all the health power of garlic into an easy-to-giveformulation for your pet to take daily. We use only the best quality garlicand garlic oil, to ensure that our Garlic Tablets are at a consistently highstandard.I’ve heard garlic is toxic, are your Garlic Tablets safe?You may have been told that garlic is toxic to dogs and cats and so wonderwhy we sell garlic products specifically for them? It's true that garlic can betoxic to some animals but like with manythings, it comes down to howmuch and how it is administered. Even people can experience some nastyside effects if they consume too much garlic!Our garlic containing products are developed to allow you to administer aconsistent, measured amount of garlic to your pet, so that they can enjoythe many benefits of garlic and you can have peace of mind. A recent studydemonstrated that giving garlic extract to dogs, at a much higher amountthan that found in our products, had no adverse effects.


ngredientsActive ingredients: Garlic 30mg; oil of garlic 0.001mlAdministration1 tablet per 5kgs bodyweight daily.Use duringpregnancy andlactationYesInteractionsCan be given in conjunction with any other medicationProduct finishingTablet