Laughing Dog - Fish & Tricks

Laughing Dog - Fish & Tricks

Fish N Tricks dog treats

Our brand-new Fish N Tricks treats have been carefully created by our nutritionists to be a healthy and tasty training treat or snack between meals. Naturally grain and gluten free, our wholesome fish treats are made with natural ingredients (potato flakes, sweet potato, linseed and parsley), with no fillers or nasties, and no added sugar or salt. Formulated free from grains, gluten, sugar, salt, dairy and soya. 

Made with natural ingredients

Made on our family farm 

Healthy training treat 

Naturally grain and gluten free

Made with 40% salmon

No added sugar or salt

No added dairy or soya

No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives

100% recyclable ready packaging

Into the mixing bowl:
Salmon - a rich source of protein and essential fatty acids
Linseed - a natural source of Omega 3 and 6 to help keep coats glossy, skin healthy and to aid immunity
Chicory - known to have prebiotic properties which can help to maintain healthy digestion
Parsley - a natural herb antioxidant helping to keep breath fresh