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Raspberry Leaf Tablets For Dogs And Cats - 200 Tablets - Dorwest Herbs

Natural support for your bitch or queen, whether pregnant or notA popular birth-aid with breeders, the use of raspberry leaf in pregnancy isdocumented as far back as the 6th century and is still recommended byhealth and veterinary professionals today. When used in pregnancy,raspberry leaf helps to tone and maintain the strength of the muscles of theuterus in preparation for birth. It is also known for its hormone balancingproperties, and so our tablets are helpful for supporting bitches whoexperience phantom pregnancies.


How to use Raspberry Leaf TabletsTo help prepare your bitch for whelping, we recommend to startusing ourRaspberry Leaf Tablets three weeks after mating and continue until oneweek after whelping.To help support bitches who experience phantom pregnancies, use fromthe first sign of her coming into season and continue for 12 weeks (which iswhen she would have whelped had she been mated). Ensure you continuein this way for every season, unless she is mated. While we recommendusing Raspberry Leaf Tablets from the first day of your dog’s season, theycan still be useful if your bitch is already showing signs of a phantompregnancy.How does raspberry leaf work?Our Raspberry Leaf Tablets use high quality raspberry leaf extract, packedfull of natural compounds to help prepare your bitchfor whelping, andsupport those who experience phantom pregnancies.Raspberry leaf contains:Fragarine-tones the uterusIron-important for normal red blood cellsTannins-helps normal clotting and tones and maintains strength ofthe reproductive organsVitamins A, C, B, E, calcium and magnesium-all important forpregnancy, magnesium particularly helps to maintain strength ofthe uterine muscles. Vitamin B helps to regulate hormonesWhat is a pseudo-or phantom pregnancy?False, pseudo or phantompregnancies can affect un-neutered bitches dueto individual response to normal hormonal changes associated with herseason. They usually start after the first or second season andunfortunately, if your dog has a tendency to these, she's likely to sufferseason after season with symptoms of increasing severity. These symptomsrange from mild unsettled behaviour to more extreme nesting habits suchas carrying toys, looking for pups and depression. Physical changes can alsooccur, including a change in bodyshape, enlarged teats and even milkproduction.Our Raspberry Leaf Tablets can help your dog cope better with hormonalchanges by helping maintain normal balance