15th November 2021, 6.30pm, Puppy training Class 6 Months and Under

15th November 2021, 6.30pm, Puppy training Class 6 Months and Under

Please read before purchasing,


Full payment is needed to secure your place this is non refundable!


For dogs aged 6 months and under only at the time the classes start.


The first class will be held without dogs while Cal the trainer goes threw the theory side, this class will be on zoom at 7.45pm on Monday 15th November, the 5 remaining classes will be held at Paws Doggy Day Care at 6.30pm


This is a 6 week course with classes being held every Monday evening. on purchase you will recieve a Zip folder please open this for further instructions. All classes will be held outdoors in a secure field so please dress appropriatley. Classes will be held at Paws Doggy Day Care, unit A1, Leigh Trading estate, Butts st, Leigh WN7 3AE (01942 603631)


Puppy infant schools Our companion dogs have the hardest of jobs to do in our family environments. They have to learn many skills to be an added family member so starting early, in my opinion is a must. My puppy classes are designed around getting the best start for our companion dogs. In this class we cover how to build a positive relationship between you and you puppy, covering socialisation, play and the start of basic obedience. As an owner you may already be feeling the pressure of having a new puppy, whether it’s your first dog or 5th. In this class we will make it as fun for you as the puppy. Working on issues you might be finding, like those dreaded shark teeth, to how to deal with the constant advise you get from others. It’s already hard without having to sort out the misinformation and the outdated methods from the new. Our training is based on modern methods using science helping you to dispel the myths. Making it simple to understand and easy to learn.